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Nuclear Theory at the College of William and Mary

Our group performs theoretical calculations relevant to nuclear and hadron physics within the theory of quarks and gluons, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). We have a particular interest in the numerical technique known as lattice QCD. We mentor postdoctoral researchers and graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research in nuclear theory, and we maintain a close connection with the nearby Jefferson Lab, where we are members of the Theory Center.



Kostas Orginos sabbatical

Kostas will be on sabbatical at the University of Cambridge, UK for the academic year 2017-2018.


Carl Carlson sabbatical

Carl will be on sabbatical at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany for the academic year 2017-2018.


Joe Karpie awarded DoE Fellowship

Joe Karpie is the recipient of an award from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program. Karpie is one of 53 graduate students, representing 45 U.S. universities, who have received the DOE award. Karpie studies theoretical and computational aspects of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) at the DOE’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) in Newport News.