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Nuclear Theory at the College of William and Mary

Our group performs theoretical calculations relevant to nuclear and hadron physics within the theory of quarks and gluons, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). We have a particular interest in the numerical technique known as lattice QCD. We mentor postdoctoral researchers and graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research in nuclear theory, and we maintain a close connection with the nearby Jefferson Lab, where we are members of the Theory Center.



Busy January for Preprints

The group has had a busy January, releasing several preprints. Read them here:
Pion Valence Quark Distibution at Large x from Lattice QCD [2001.04960]
Determination of the lighest strange resonance from a dispersive data analysis [2001.08153]
Efficient solution of the multi-channel Luescher determinant condition through eigenvalue decomposition [2001.08474]
Low energy doubly-virtual Compton scattering from di-lepton electroproduction on a nucleon [2001.10626]


Chris Monahan joins the group

Chris Monahan joins us as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2019, bringing expertise in formal aspects of lattice QCD, lattice perturbation theory and $B$-physics.


$\pi K$ scattering calculation appears in Physical Review Letters

The dependence of S-wave and P-wave $\pi K$ scattering on the mass of the light quark is studied in lattice QCD. The narrow vector $K^*$ resonance is observed claearly, becoming lighter and broader as the quark mass is reduced, while a slowly varying phase-shift is seen in S-wave.


Joe Karpie graduates with PhD degree

Joe Karpie successfully defended his PhD thesis, and leaves us to take up a postdoc at Columbia.